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UCA - Urethane on Aluminum, Carpet Tread

Urethane on Aluminum Wheels roll easier and outlast rubber wheels. This high quality Urethane on Aluminum is a popular wheel for wash-down applications and on carts that may be left and used outdoors and versatile for a variety of floors surfaces.


  • Constructed high quality liquid cast polyurethane chemically bonded to an aluminum core.
  • Aluminum core is rust resistant and offer an attractive, metallic style.
  • Crowned wheel reduces energy needed to turn under heavy load.
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Oil and chemical resistant.
  • Non-marking and protect floors.
  • Offer better wear and a longer service life.

Wheel Diameters:

  • Available in 3 ½“ to 8”

Wheel Widths:

  • Available in 1 ¼“- 2”

Weight Capacity:

  • 420 lb to 1500 lb


  • Roller Bearings
  • Celcon Bearings
  • Thread Guards
  • Wheel Seals
  • Zerk Fittings


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Wheel 6x2x0.75 900lb
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Wheel 8x2x.5 1500lb
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